Casey Diskin and ORC

Oxford Recovery Center, which opened a new, state-of-the-art facility at 7030 Whitmore Lake Road in Brighton this summer, has openings in its center-based applied behavior analysis (ABA) program for children with autism.

ORC also announced its new Autism Recovery Thru Synergy (ARTS) program in April of this year. This unique program looks at the root causes of the child’s symptoms and employs a synergistic approach for recovering autism.

ORC’s unique ABA program focuses on practical and social skills, and is typically covered by insurance.

“It’s great that a child may know their colors, but it’s more important that a child can feed themselves or go to the bathroom independently,” said Casey Diskin ABA Director at ORC. “We learn about the individual child, their family and community and work to improve the skills that will help the child succeed in their community”.

To learn more, schedule a no-fee discovery session by calling (248) 486-3636 or by visiting its website.

Founded in 2008, Oxford Recovery Center is an innovative therapy organization that promotes healing through a variety of research-based therapies tailored to individual needs. While traditional therapies limit people to living with their condition, Oxford’s therapies promote healing and recovery. Oxford offers a variety of programs that strive to create a lifestyle of wellness, improved health and quality of life.

Designed for all age levels, therapies include: hyperbaric oxygen therapy, neuro physical therapy, neurofeedback, applied behavior analysis, creative arts therapy, nutritional coaching and wellness, and weight loss. Oxford’s therapies can assist recovery from a variety of conditions, including ADD / ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, depression, multiple sclerosis, sports injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and macular degeneration.

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